Tuesday, December 4, 2018

 4 exercises to ease the pain of the menstrual cycle:

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The pain caused by the menstrual cycle is one of the most common problems affecting women, and affects their mood and activity in general, so you may be looking for ways to reduce the pain associated with the menstrual cycle, such as painkillers, but do you know that exercise is a safe way to relieve pain?

The scientists stressed that exercise during menstruation helps to alleviate the problems experienced by women before and during menstruation, because it helps to relieve muscle cramps and relieve mood disorders during this period as a result of hormonal changes emergency.

But exercise in the menstrual period may be more beneficial than is common. Moderate exercise helps relieve convulsions (also known as dysmenorrhea) and relieve bulging.

In addition, exercise during the menstrual cycle also helps improve blood circulation in the body, thus reducing the headaches and other pain caused by blood loss and iron depletion.

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Today, we will tell you some exercise that will help you relieve your menstrual pain so you can better practice your daily activities:

Although some opinions are objectionable to exercise during the menstrual cycle, there is no basis for these opinions as there is nothing to prevent walking, which gives you a sense of comfort and reduces pain, but be careful to wear a lightweight sneaker, so as not to get tired of fatigue .

Yoga is also a great sport, which helps you relieve menstrual pain, but not all known yoga conditions are appropriate for the woman's body, so you can practice the "Goddess position" exercise , which is where you stand tight with the legs open slightly and lift your arms up .

Dance is an appropriate sport if you want to lose weight or maintain your physical fitness. Dancing can also help relieve menstrual pain because it helps to flow blood throughout the body, especially in areas that move during dancing. Acute pain.

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Aerobics helps a lot in changing the mood of the menstrual cycle. You can go to gyms and practice aerobics on rhythmic tones. The practice of this sport removes your negative charge and adjusts your mood in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

And finally, dear Super, get away from violent sports if you exercise during your menstrual cycle, because it may harm your body, and feel when you feel tired to take a rest, and do not make your period an excuse to break out of your practice of sport.

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