Friday, September 21, 2018

To rest assets .. How to rest in a way useful to your muscles after exercise

To rest assets .. How to rest in a way useful to your muscles after exercise

The heart and lungs work with great force during physical exertion, such as exercise. The heart tries to pump oxygen-laden blood into all the muscles of the body and lungs, trying with all its energy to provide the oxygen that the heart sends with blood afterwards.

When you stop exercising, your body tries to return to its normal state and your heart returns to calm, while your muscles relax and return to relaxation.

But while rest is useful for muscle strength and health and reducing exhaustion, the wrong way of resting may affect muscles with cramps and convulsions. Your body returns to normal and cools your muscles.

So in the next report you will know the best thing to do once you have finished exercising and how to rest from the movement to sleep gradually.

1. Do not stop

After the exercise, do not stop moving suddenly, the heart and muscles need some minutes to return to normal and your sudden cessation of movement may make muscles contractions once the body returns to normal, for athletes who exercise jogging, walking or riding Bicycles, whether fixed or moving.

As for the athlete weight lifting and bodybuilding prefer to do some light stretching exercises for muscles before stopping directly from the exercise basic.

2. Revive yourself 

Of course, this recovery will not happen without drinking water and many of them after the completion of exercise, the importance of water here is that it restores moisture to the dry muscles to cut the way to the possibility of muscle spasms and vital organs that were exhausted after exercise and became in dire need of moisture Provided by water.

Water must be drunk before, during and after exercise. It is essential that you should not be neglected if you want to stay away from injury and the muscles can not grow because of weak fibers.

It is a cylinder of cork or foam that has several athletic benefits in providing the muscles with comfort and relaxation, helping to increase the flow of blood to it and positively influencing the separation of the muscle fibers adhering to the muscle, due to the great physical effort that was done during exercise .

4 - sleep but a lot of it!

Be aware that the importance of sleep for muscles, such as the importance of exercise and a healthy diet, is one of the conditions that must be provided to ensure healthy and healthy muscle growth without suffering muscle fibers of weakness or defects make them difficult to grow and more susceptible to various injuries.

Sleep also naturally enhances the rate of fat burning, improving mood and preventing falling into the trap of feeling hungry at night and eating late.

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